How to Choose a Commercial Signage Company

How to Choose a Signage Company

Wurz Sign Systems has been a professional signage company serving businesses for over 30 years, located in Pennsauken, NJ. We are a full service commercial sign company, helping in the design, creation, manufacturing and installation of custom signs. Our staff has created signage that sells for multi-national corporations, retail stores, businesses, law offices, schools, events and much more. When you’re looking to hire a professional signage company there are many tips to consider. We’ve highlighted the top considerations when selecting and hiring a professional signage company for your business or event.

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8 Tips to Consider when Hiring a Signage Company

Full Service Company: In order for you to streamline the entire signage creation process, you want to make sure the signage company you hire offers design, creation, manufacturing and installation. This way, cost and timeframe are provided upfront.

Previous Work: Be sure the company you hire has an extensive portfolio, not only on their website but available to send to you. When reviewing their previous work, look for modern & eye catching designs, as well as proper installation and any big brand names you can recognize.

Reviews: While a portfolio speaks for itself, be sure the signage company you’re going to hire also has past clients that have left reviews. Look at the quality of the reviews, time stamps and number of reviews across all platforms, among other things.

Customer Service: You want to make sure you and your staff members are treated with respect. While going through reviews, be sure to take note of what past clients have said about the signage company’s customer service.

Quality Material: The business sign you create will represent your company and brand for the long-term. You want to make sure the materials are of the highest quality. Wurz Sign Systems has developed relationships with the area’s leading material supplies to ensure we use only the best quality materials at budget-friendly prices.

Experience: Along with past clients and positive reviews, you want to make sure the signage company has a plethora of experience. Not only do they need to convey your company’s unique brand in a striking sign, they’ll need to hit your marketing goals & bring customers to your business.

Customization: Make sure the company is willing to take your ideas and customize the sign to your specific details, while also providing their own professional input.

Local Sign Business: For businesses, it is a great advantage to work with a sign company in their area that can meet all of the above needs and more. To hire a local signage company in Pennsauken, NJ call Wurz Sign Systems today!

Custom Signs for Philadelphia Tri-State Businesses

The Wurz Sign Systems office location is in Pennsauken, NJ and we serve businesses in New Jersey, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, New York City, Delaware and Maryland. We offer a full range of professional services and can create a range of business signs including commercial awning signs, banner signs, pylon signs, interior signs, vinyl letting and more! To discuss your commercial sign needs, call our office today at 856-461-4397.