Reasons why Businesses should use Outdoor Banners

Important Reasons to Invest in Outdoor Banners

Wurz Sign Systems is a professional sign company with over 30 years of experiencing designing, creating and installing signs for businesses in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. We’ve created business signs for multi-national corporations, retail stores, businesses, events, schools and much more. From large monument signs to LED readerboard signs, vinyl lettering and outdoor banners, we’ll help you choose the most beneficial form of signage for your specific business, event or promotion. Even if you already utilize interior signs and directional signs, there are a number of reasons to consider adding outdoor banners to your marketing and branding. Wurz Sign Systems has highlighted our top 7 reasons your business should invest in outdoor banners.

7 Reasons your Business Should Utilize Outdoor Banners

Wurz Sign Systems Benefits of Outdoor BannersQuick Turnaround Time. Outdoor banners are easier to print than more intricate signage such as sandblasted wood signs, pylon signs or monument signs. Therefore, they yield a faster turnaround time and are great for last minute events or flash sales.

Wide Audience Reach. Outdoor signage allows you to reach both local and broad markets. Posting a banner within your neighborhood allows you to tell the community what you’re about and increase awareness about your company. Banners alongside highways and busy intersections can reach tens of thousands of people per day!

Large Size Variation. Due to advancements in printing machines, you can create an outdoor banner in all size variations. This allows you to hang banners in a variety of places including light poles, store fronts, sides of buildings and more!

Durable. Wurz Sign Systems uses high quality mesh or vinyl material to ensure your business outdoor banner lasts. Many previous clients have been able to use their banners for up to 5 years! The material can withstand wind, rain and prolonged UV ray exposure.

Inexpensive. Companies are always looking for inexpensive, yet highly effective ways to promote their business and bring in sales. Outdoor banners are a great promotional tool as they do not cost a lot to print and can yield high audience awareness and foot traffic.

Easy Installation. All outdoor banners include grommets or pole pockets already installed; you’ll simply string up the banner in the area of your choice. Of course, the Wurz Sign Systems’ professional installers can take care of the entire installation process.

Advanced Printing Solutions. Computer and printing technology has greatly advanced in the last 10 years. Wurz Sign Systems designs and prints stunning full color, high resolution banners with sharp text and images.Wurz Sign Systems Outdoor banners for Businesses

Custom Business Signs & Solutions

Wurz Sign Systems offers a full range of professional sign services and can design, create and manufacture a wide variety of signage needs for your business. Our sign company serves businesses in New Jersey, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, New York City, Delaware and Maryland for your convenience. Our wide range of signage includes commercial awnings, banner signs, directional signs, interior signs, sandblasted wood signs, social distancing signs and much more! Call 856-461-4397 to discuss your outdoor banner and other signage needs today!