Indoor & Outdoor Digital Signage Maintenance Tips

LED Digital Signage Maintenance

Wurz Sign Systems Digital Signage Maintenance Tips Business OwnersMore and more businesses are using digital signage to promote their brand, specials, products and services. These signs are ideal as they can be used indoor or outdoor and give business owners the freedom to program & change their message as often as they’d like. With this invest to your company comes responsibility; it is essential to adopt a digital signage maintenance routine and stick with it! Following the correct digital sign maintenance tips will ensure your invest lasts for many years. Wurz Sign Systems, a professional  NJ sign company, provides 6 digital sign maintenance tips every business owner should follow.

6 Digital Sign Maintenance Tips for Business Owners

Daily Cleaning. Digital screens and the electronic message center should be wiped down daily to ensure no dust buildup. You can use a mild screen cleaner or Windex with a microfiber cloth to remove stuck on dirt or debris. In addition, use a compressed air duster to get dust out of all the little crevices.

Update Software. The software is the key component to your digital signage system. It needs to be regularly updated same as your phone or computer software. It is also a good idea to schedule digital sign software maintenance checks to assess functionality, security, memory and replacements.

Inspect Cables/Cords Regularly. Check the power cords and cables connected to the media player for fraying and improper connections. Damaged cords can lead to malfunctions in the software and screen displays.

Turn off when not in use. Turn off the screens and media players when the system is not in use. This will prolong the life of the equipment and the bulbs.  

Fresh Content. Don’t let your marketing go stale! The best part of having digital signage in your business is the freedom to update your messages at any time. Keep your content fresh so your audience, and potential customers, will stay interested in your brand.

Maintenance Service Appointment. Just as your home heating & cooling or electrical system needs a regular maintenance inspection, the same goes for your digital signage system. Schedule a digital signage service appointment at least once per year to ensure you get the most out of your investment. Our professional sign installation experts can find and repair small issues before they affect the functionality of your sign system.Wurz Sign Systems Digital Signage Maintenance Services NJ

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