Easy Ways to Create Impactful Retail Store Signs

Importance of Compelling Retail Store Signs

Wurz Sign Systems Impactful Retail Store Signs TipsRetail store signs have three important functions to potential customers: attract their attention, inform them and persuade them to do something or buy your product. To achieve all three you must work with a professional sign company to create compelling retail store signs. Whether you use directional signs, interior signs, outdoor banners and/or banner signs, the goal is to drive customers into your storefront and increase sales. There are many ways to artfully design and create retail signs to ensure they make a lasting impact on your clients. Below Wurz Sign Systems has outlined 5 easy ways to create impactful retail store signs for any business!

5 Tips to Create Impactful Retail Store Signs

Give Reasons: Many times you must tell your customer what they are buying your product for or the benefits your product can offer.

Fonts, Sizes & Colors: There are many things to consider when it comes to choosing the font, font size and color combinations. First, you must consider how far away your customers will be reading the sign from. The colors you choose, as well as font style can all greatly affect how well your sign reads. It is best to stick with simplistic font styles and legible color combinations so customers can clearly and easily read your signs.

Wurz Sign Systems Design Tips Retail Store SignsTest Sign Placement: There is usually no “one place fits all” when it comes to retail store signs. If you’re hanging signs in the window or outdoors, have a friend drive by the storefront to ensure it is legible from a cars viewpoint. Inside your shop, sale signs should be hung closest to the specific merchandise, while information on returns are best near the cash register. Social distancing signs should be placed on the floor, six feet apart.

Use Possessive Pronouns: When you use possessive pronouns “you/yours” as opposed to “he/she” customers can suddenly visualize themselves purchasing your product.

Less is More: The age-old rule to marketing still rings true, probably now more than ever. Edit your copy, edit it again, then go back one more time to get your message as concise as possible. Using less text allows customers to quickly understand your message or sale.

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