Types of School Signs Needed to Safely Reopen Schools

School Signs to Invest in to Safely Reopen

Wurz Sign Systems Coronavirus School Signs to Reopen SafelyAs the COVID-19 vaccine rolls out, solid plans are being put into place to safely reopen schools across the Greater Philadelphia area. Whether your school plans to reopen fully, partially or on a staggered schedule, you will need proper school signs to help lessen the spread of Coronavirus. Clear and concise communication is vital to ensure students and teachers have a clear understanding of the new rules and regulations amid the Coronavirus pandemic. Wurz Sign Systems has provided 8 different types of school signs you will need in order to reopen safely.

8 Types of Signs Your School Needs to Reopen Safely

Social Distancing: All hallways, walkways, cafeterias and gymnasiums will need clear floor signs marking the CDC-recommended 6-ft. and 3-ft. distances between students. See other social distancing signs you may consider using for extra safety.

Enter/Exit Signs: You will probably need to limit the entrance and exit doors in your school to accommodate for social distancing and temperature checks.  Enter/exit and other such directional signs will help everyone navigate the school with ease.

Health & Hygiene: Kids and staff, especially in a school setting, must follow best hand washing and hygiene practices. Printed instructions in the bathrooms and signage throughout all common areas serve to remind everyone about the importance of good hygiene to lessen the spread of Coronavirus.

Hand Sanitizer Station: In conjunction with frequent hand washing should be the use of hand sanitizer. Sanitizing stations should be easily identifiable with a clear sign, banner stand or suspended banner sign.

Parking Lot Signs: Staff, students and parents will be arriving to your school via bus and car. Clear instructions on where to park are crucial to minimize crowds and maintain social distancing. Directional signs, entrance/exit signs are necessary for temporary and permanent use.

Banners: Even though we’re living in unprecedented times doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the return to in-person learning. Outdoor banners are weather-resistant, cost effective and will last this school year and beyond.

Pole Banners: If your pole banner school signs are worn and outdated now may be the time to update them and give your school a slight facelift. Pole banners can also be used to promote upcoming reopening, events and instill a feeling of pride in your students.

Yard Signs: Also known as lawn signs, these school signs are inexpensive and ideal for spreading awareness, announcements, meetings, events or for motivation.

Safe & Effective Signage

Wurz Sign Systems is here to help you create effective school signage for the upcoming reopening across the Philadelphia area. If you have a business that is about to reopen or have less strict regulations, see the best social distancing signs during the Coronavirus pandemic.