Top Retail Signage Trends your Store Should Invest In

Retail Signage Trends Business Owners Need to Know About

Wurz Sign Systems Retail Signage Trends for BusinessesAs a business owner in order for your brand to maintain a high level of success you must stay on top of marketing and industry trends and techniques. Signage is one of those trends. In an ever-changing economy and business environment, retail signage trends are highly important in order to target your customers and make their shopping experience enjoyable and fulfilling. Wurz Sign Systems, a NJ based business signage company, shares our expert opinions on the latest in retail store signs you must have in your store and the trends you need to get ahead on.

5 Retail Signage Trends for 2021 & Beyond

Eco-Friendly Signage: The green movement is not going anywhere; in fact, the momentum is only trending upwards. Sustainability is one of the conscious choices buyers use to decide between you and your competitor. EcoVinyl is a recyclable, cost-effective alternative for retail stores to reflect sustainability in their business operation.

Directional Signs are a MUST: Directional or wayfinding signs allow consumers to easily navigate through your store and find the items they’ve come in specifically looking to purchase. This retail signage trend has been consistent and isn’t going away any time soon. You must invest in directional signs if you have a storefront location.

ADA-Compliant: Inclusivity is not just a law it is a basic human right that must be reflected across the board. Consumers with visual or physical disabilities must be able to understand the sign and navigate your retail store the same as any other buyer.

Simplicity: When it comes to the latest trends in marketing, we see across the board for almost all industries that minimalism works best for this generation of consumers. You still want to inform your visitors of sales, store updates and call-to-actions. But the reflection in your signs will not consist of the bright, bold and colorful fonts & graphics of the past.

Digital Rules: Lastly, of course, this continues to be the age of the digital. Retail owners who do not embrace this trend and the new technologies will be left behind.

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