Vehicle Graphics Maintenance & Care Tips

Maintenance Tips for Vehicle Graphics, Wraps & Decals

Wurz Sign Systems Vehicle Decal Graphics Maintenance TipsInvesting in vehicle graphics, wraps, vinyl lettering and decals is a very smart and cost-effective way to advertise your business in the local area. Whether you want a simple logo on five vehicles or you want an entire fleet fully wrapped, vehicle graphics maintenance and care if extremely important to protect your investment. For long term protection & care, read Wurz Sign Systems’ 6 easy vehicle graphics, wraps & decal maintenance tips.

6 Vehicle Graphics Maintenance Tips for Long-Term Protection

Hand Wash Regularly: The best method to protect your vehicle graphics and ensure long-term care & protection is to hand wash the vehicle regularly using mild detergent and soft sponge or cloth. Be sure to thoroughly wash away dirt and soap and immediately dry with a shammy to avoid soap and water spots.

Avoid Brush-Type Car Washes: Not only can these hard brushes lift and crack the edges of the graphics but will cause significant dulling over time as it strips away layers of the glossy finish. If hand washing is too time consuming a brushless car wash is an acceptable alternative.

Garage Parking: As with any vehicle paint, prolonged exposure to the sun, rain, hail and snow can cause fading, discoloration and damage. We recommend all vehicles with graphics, wraps or decals to be stored in a garage. However, if this is not possible, a shaded area or a car port will suffice.

No Harsh Chemicals: It goes without saying that abrasive and harsh chemicals & cleaners should never be used on a vehicle with graphics. The ingredients can cause discoloration, severe damage and significantly lessen the longevity of the decals or wrap.

Do not Polish or Wax: Both car wax and polish are not recommended for use on vehicles that are wrapped or have any sort of graphics. Waxes need to be put through a rigorous buffing process which can fade the look of the graphics. Further, waxes can melt in the sun, releasing surface stains which can damage the decals.

Remove Bugs. Gasoline, Droppings & Sap Immediately: In order to avoid stains or harsh scrubbing, these contaminants should be removed right away. When this is not possible you can soak the spots with hot soapy water for several minutes, rinse and dry with a microfiber cloth.

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