Tips on How to Avoid Common Signage Mistakes

Common Business Signage Mistakes to Avoid

Wurz Sign Systems Common Business Signage Mistakes to AvoidSigns are a cost-effective way to represent your brand, promote sales and advertise your business. However, the wrong execution can actually drive customers away instead of grabbing their attention. There are several things you must consider before starting a sign design including color scheme, materials and size. Wurz Sign Systems, a professional Philadelphia sign company, highlights 10 common signage mistakes businesses make when creating signs and how working with our team allows you to avoid them.

10 Mistakes Companies make with Signage (& How to Avoid Them)

Poor Readability: The #1 purpose of your business signage is to display a message, it does you no good if your potential customers cannot read the text. The sign should be readable up close and 100 feet away! The text must be properly spaced in a highly readable font.

Incorrect Size: Think about where your sign will be placed to help you determine the size. A sign that’s far from the road or very high in the air needs to be much larger than one that will be placed indoor.

Too Much Information: A sign is only meant to hold the audience’s attention for a few seconds. Avoid long paragraphs; focus on straight to the point text and great imagery.

Typos: There is no reason for typos to appear in any sort of advertisement, yet this is the most common signage mistake business owners make! Always have a third or fourth person proofread the sign before printing.

Folding your Signage: If you need to transport or store your sign you may think it is harmless to fold it. However, this leads to creases, cracks and a shortened lifespan. Instead, larger vinyl banners should be rolled and stored properly.

Using Wrong Materials: Your stunning sign design will be compromised if you do not use the correct materials. Outdoor signs must be able to withstand the weather elements. Investing in high quality materials will make all the difference in the world.

Improper Installation: Signs that are not installed properly can fall, leading to permanent damage & replacement.

Poor Maintenance, Fading & Peeling: Signs that are not well maintained gives off the impression that you’re not invested in your company. Make sure you’re investing in high quality materials and at the first sign of fading or peeling, remove & replace the sign.

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Bad Location: Proper placement is essential to the effectiveness of your signage. Wurz Sign Systems has the necessary technology to install signs in high places and hard to reach areas. We will get you the necessary permits from your city or township.

Choosing the Wrong Sign Company: The biggest signage mistake business owners make is not selecting the right sign company to create your advertisements and sign products! Wurz Sign Systems has 30+ years of experience in all facets of signage including design, engineering, manufacturing and installation. Learn more on how to choose a commercial sign company.

Read More: Common Business Sign Mistakes to Avoid

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