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Wurz Sign Systems Dimensional Letters Design Services

Wurz Sign Systems’ team of professional designers, fabricators and installers is dedicated to providing our customers with high quality, eye-catching dimensional letters. Whether used indoor or outdoor, your 3-dimensional letter sign is sure to leave a lasting impressing with new and returning customers. For 15 years, Wurz Sign Systems has been providing our clients with quality signage at competitive prices. Happy clientele ranges from large, multi-million dollar companies to small mom and pop shops in the heart of Philadelphia. Our commercial sign company offers a wide range of dimensional letter options to create one-of-a-kind signs for your business.

Dimensional letters, also known as flat cut out (FCO) letters, are solid letters that can be cut from acrylic, foam, aluminum or metal. Finishes can include brushed metal, custom painted, anodized and more. FCO signs are non-illuminated letters and logos that can be either flush mounted to a wall or placed off the wall with spacers. Dimensional signs are commonly used inside for lobbies, entrances or conference rooms. If using outside, you’ll normally use spotlights or external lighting to illuminate your sign.

Dimensional Letters Signage Materials

Our dimensional letters are available in a variety of colors and cuts. You’ll be sure to find the exact style that fits your business aesthetic and budget.
Below are just a few of our lettering options, please call to discuss your specific design needs.

Cut Brass: Classic and professional, this is one of our most popular choices.

Cut Stainless Steel: Perfect for outdoor use, as these have superior corrosion resistance.

Cut Copper: Copper letters are available in brushed or polished finish.

Cast Bronze: Very popular among universities, parks and public buildings, because this color eludes legacy and tradition.

Cast Aluminum: A cost-effective option, perfect for all standard font types.

Backlit Letters: Fabricated from stainless steel, LED backlit accents will make this sign and your company stand out!

Acrylic Letters: Lightweight yet durable, this option is available in a variety of colors.

Wurz Sign Systems’ dimensional letters can be used for both indoor and outdoor use, but are more commonly used inside. The high quality material makes them extremely durable and we guarantee finishes won’t chip, crack, fade or discolor. For more information on installing FCO dimensional letters in your business, call Wurz Sign Systems today. See below a few samples of our previously done dimensional letters, or go to our portfolio page for an extensive look at all of our work.

Wurz Sign Systems Custom Dimensional Letters Design Services
Wurz Sign Systems Dimensional Letters Design Company
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Wurz Sign Systems Custom Dimensional Letters
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