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Wurz Sign Systems Custom Pylon Signs Design

Pylon signs are freestanding structures that can be either single sided or double sided. They are usually supported with one or two poles and made of aluminum or steel. Pylon signs can be illuminated with LED or fluorescent lamps, or standard with no lighting. Since these signs are extremely tall and elevated above obstructions, they are ideal for drawing attention to passersby. Pylon signs are extremely popular among city businesses, as they can be seen from major highways and stand above the cities’ tallest buildings. Let Wurz Sign Systems create a unique and custom pylon sign to grab potential customer’s attention and draw them in to your store.

Custom Pylon Signs Designs

Wurz Sign Systems team of designers have many years of experience customizing projects of this size to meet the needs and high expectations of our clients. Our extensive portfolio includes restaurants, apartment complexes, jewelry stores, shopping centers and malls with big-brand companies. These signs are typically displayed on highways and very busy thoroughfares. The sooner the pylon signs grab a motorists’ attention, the better. Our team understands this need and will design, create and install an eye-catching, easy to read sign to bring in new customers.

Wurz Sign Systems offers the following pylon sign styles:

Single-pole mount: Classic single pole design offers a simple and economic solution to elevating your business’ identity over obstructions. Heights can rise 80 to 100 feet for long-distance visibility.
Twin-pole mount: Same purpose as the single-pole sign, but some companies prefer the look of two poles. The double-pole structure also offers greater stability for larger signs.
Covered-pole: The pole (or poles) is concealed with this design to improve visual appeal. The cover can be designed and built in a variety of shapes for a one-of-a-kind look.
Custom lightbox: Most common design used by shopping centers and malls, very similar look to a tall monument sign. This features multiple lightboxes to display names and logos of various businesses in the center.

Pylon Signs Services

Enhance your business’ visibility and versatility through a custom designed pylon sign created by our sign company. This sign choice is structurally engineered to withstand all weather conditions and last for many years. Wurz Sign Systems offers complete pylon sign services to businesses in New Jersey, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, New York City, Delaware and Maryland. See a few of our previously designed and installed pylon signs below, or go to our Portfolio page to see a more extensive gallery.

Wurz Sign Systems Pylon Signs Design Services
Wurz Sign Systems Pylon Signs Design
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