Vinyl Window Lettering Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Wurz Sign Systems Vinyl Window Lettering FAQ Pennsauken New Jersey

Vinyl lettering is one of the most versatile, inexpensive & easy to maintain marketing options to customize your storefront business windows & doors. Not only is window lettering commonly used to display logos and business hours but can also be customized to display taglines or even used on vehicles! Wurz Sign Systems highlights the most common window lettering FAQ (frequently asked questions) we receive regarding installation, design help, maintenance and more. To discuss the installation of vinyl lettering to your business storefront, call our Pennsauken, NJ office at 856-461-4397; we serve businesses throughout New Jersey, Philadelphia, New York City, Delaware and Maryland.

Business Window Lettering FAQ

What is Vinyl Window Lettering?

Vinyl lettering is essentially a sticker that is applied to windows and doors to make signs. They are custom designed on a computer and cut out to the exact shape. Common designs include letters, numbers, logos and various artwork & graphics.

Will you help with my design?

Yes! As a full-service business sign company, we help with every stage of the process from design through manufacturing and installation. Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for or just a basic idea, our professional designers will bring your vision to life.

Is it expensive?

Vinyl window lettering is actually one of the most affordable, yet highly effective marketing options for storefronts.

What are the benefits of window lettering for my storefront business?

Since the storefront of your business is what will drive in foot traffic, using vinyl lettering in a creative way to capture the audience is very important. Key benefits of effective vinyl lettering include: Brand Establishment, Informational, Drive Foot Traffic, Boost Sales.

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How is the lettering applied?

Instructions will be included when you receive your vinyl lettering, but the basic instructions are:

  1. Clean Surface
  2. Place Lettering on window/door – make sure it is straight
  3. Remove the backing
  4. Apply Vinyl Lettering

For an additional fee, Wurz Sign Systems will be happy to apply the vinyl window lettering to ensure a straight, smooth installation process.

Will it ruin the windows when I’m ready to remove & replace?

When done correctly, vinyl can be removed without any damage to the window or door. It is best to consult with a professional remover if the vinyl is several years old.

How long will the vinyl last?

We use the highest quality vinyl available only to professional manufacturers and installers. This means our lettering, with proper maintenance and care, can look brand new for 5+ years! Our durable lettering is crack, UV and water resistant!

Is window lettering easy to maintain?

You can simply use a gentle cleanser to squeegee to clean your windows once per week without any causing any damage or stripping of the vinyl.

Are they applied on the inside or outside?

Typically, we recommend window lettering to be applied to the outside of the windows. Lettering applied to the inside of the windows is usually more difficult to see due to tint and glares.

How can I get started?

To get started discussing design ideas for your glass windows, doors, storefront, cars or trucks, call Wurz Sign Systems today at 856-461-4397. A member of our talented design team will listen to your ideas and come up with a professional design that will attract customers to your storefront location.

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